"Welcome to Fabled Orchards, friend. I'm Meredith C. Fables the fourth. What can I do for you?"


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Post the CUTEST Headcanons you can think for my muses. If they’re adorable enough, I’ll make them canon!


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Probably one of the first creatures I made for this story is the Elorish which is basically a swampland equine with a large trunk dominating the face. It’s got big showy fins and is semi-aquatic and the higher races use them to determine how healthy the environment is, since these guys don’t like polluted waters, and will grow grayer and depressed if their home is dirty.


I could go on forever about how much work I’ve put in to this comic yet I’m still world-building and organizing the storyline. I still don’t have a name for the whole thing.


Meredith laid back in the grass, staring up as the clouds rolled overhead. “Mama once said that sky whales carry our souls to the sun, where we rest forever.” She frowned in a state of melancholy, feeling her hearts ache begin to dull.

The woman hovers in a tree over Kirtasen, very worried about his new state.


It was a nice evening, though most were on the isles. For a lich atleast. As he strolled among the trees he noticed a presence and gazed up. “Meredith, what brings you here?”

She hissed at the elder version of her friend, not sure what to think. It smells, and looks a bit like Kirtasen but—.

"Relax, when I'm feral I always tend to change my appearance back to what its supposed to look like. I look like this because I feel like people won't freak out as much, I mean they still do but anything that looks human is a lot better than something with claws and red eyes. Plus my file says nothing more than my death and a little human information, they'd figure it was just random DNA. Also do you really think I'd let them take you to jail?"

"I think resisting arrest would make it worse than harboring a felon."

"Wasn't in this state so I would highly doubt any human ever finding me. I don't leave DNA evidence at a scene and even if I did it'd just show I'm dead on my file. R. Oliver, killed by a bullet passing through mah brain." Genocide sighed.

"Yeah they’re gonna keep you then, and if they find you on my farm, I’m going to jail again. I have not heard from the guy who bailed me out last time in years…"

ff+ Genocide


The child covers her eyes, eating the book. The threads were…rather invasive that day.

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"….How—does it even—-"

Meredith looked as if she would begin crying, her face as red as a cherry.



"…Apple…butt?" Meredith proceeds to hold her butt, becoming self conscious about its size and glorious shape.