"Welcome to Fabled Orchards, friend. I'm Meredith C. Fables the fourth. What can I do for you?"

Status: Worrying over trees.

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Tom Price’s Blue Boss, ~14.1hh Gypsy cob stallion.


Tom Price’s Blue Boss, ~14.1hh Gypsy cob stallion.


Black and White


@Diana Hoppe Photography, Tennessee



@Diana Hoppe Photography, Tennessee

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We really should O-O

She actually made a promise to Artorias when he died [aka when the mun stopped RPing as him] that she would continue to help the people of Lordran. She needs to keep up on that.


//*blush* sweetie stop, you’re flattering.

We should actually thread more. Dark Souls was literally my favorite thing to RP in for a while.


//*flops on you* No you. You best writer ever, ya dork.

"Mer?" The Angel peered around the corner, searching for her.

Meredith broke her gaze from the forest to look at Sera. “Yeah?” she called gently.

He shrugged and walked to the barn, sitting on the ground and poking at the metal fragment, his finger being burnt each time he touched it. "Bluh."

Meredith finished tying a toolbelt around her waist as she moved in. “You might want to bite something, because I’m yanking that like a thorn.” she really isn’t the best doctor in the world.

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"I heard someone say my name."

"PISS OFF!" she yelled, in no mood for this.

Lucifer practically snarled. "You may wish to fix your tone. Or are forgetting how fragile you humans tend to be? Oh yes, you may claim strength, but every mortal has a achilles heel."

Meredith hissed at him. “I have slain GODS!” As her anger grew, so did her power. “EVEN LORD BOGGNAWR HAS NO POWER BEFORE ME! I would say to not mess with me.”

No escape





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"…Mer, what are you doing? Do you want a hug or something?"

Marcia wrapped her own strong arms around the blonde child, leaning in more to give her a warm embrace. Her violet brows furrowed in a questioning look, “Is everything alright, Mer?” She asked in a curious and concerned tone.

"Kind of." she replied, bunching up Marcias coat in her hands, gripping tight. Her head against the taller ones chest, muscles relaxing significantly. Her eyes fluttered shut before continuing, "I’m just worried over the trees and…well…Void has been quiet since I got back to the farm."

Marcia smoothed down Meredith’s wild hair with her gloved hand, gentle and nurturing as she listened to the younger woman’s problems. “Is that a bad thing? Would that indicate it’s not attempting anything?” She wondered aloud, a small smile gracing her lips as Mer rested against her body.

She nodded slowly, burying her face in Marcias chest. “It’s really bad normally, because it usually ends up in a destroyer coming out…” destroyers…one of the biggest, baddest monsters Void has ever made. The last one nearly cost Meredith her life.