"Welcome to Fabled Orchards, friend. I'm Meredith C. Fables the fourth. What can I do for you?"

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Okky: would Vi be steel/fighting like lucario
Genki: Yeah
Genki: Rumble, although it makes ZERO sense due to being super effective against each other, I’d say Steel/Fire or Steel/fighting
Okky: I’d say steel fire
Genki: Mostly Steel/fire tho due to him overheating
Genki: Yeah.
Okky: ye
Okky: and flamethrower
Genki: Teemo is poison/normal because small furry brown
Genki: Poppy is fighting/rock
Okky: The first triple type
Okky: water/grass/fire
Genki: Well due to him auto-attacking and using different stances, I’d say he’s a normal/fighting
Okky: he’d be likea
Genki: With a large move pool
Okky: porygon
Genki: Actually a lot of pokemon have oddly large move pools
Genki: One of the reasons I like Dragonite. It’s a flying/dragon type but can learn all three punches. Ice/Fire/Lightning
Genki: So yeah fighting/normal



//Now I’m wanting to label the types of every single champ out there. …Ten bucks says I could do it too.

People say fire/normal…



//cuz we all know Ziggs can’t take a punch


//steel/normal…so you’re saying he REALLY can’t take a punch. image

//Well whenever I play Vi and I decide to gank mid? Yeah I can say for a fact he can’t take a punch, love.

//*wakes up from a nap* I actually don’t feel grumpy anymore!

//Mom: Grumpy Cat Movie!!!

//Me: I’m just going to go dig up the old culling plans and edit the ‘reasons I did it’ section.

Status Update [Make it official]

Meredith is now wandering away from the temple. Adventure is calling, and so is adulthood.

                         тrauma can be repressed

                                                                        it cannot be


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((oh hello Steex lives right at the border between Piltover and Zaun have fun :DD))

//Can we not scare her? She’s terrified enough as is. Piltover is going to make her feel like she’s an alien.

//Mer finally got out of the Freljord and is on the way to Piltover/Zuan so anyone from there actually want to meet the little wild one?

The child rushed forward, darting through the frosty lands of the Freljord. So close, so very close to breaking free. Free from the tension, and past that held her back. Just a few more yards and—


Meredith rolled landing on her knees and thrusting her hands to the sky. This, for her, is her greatest moment. The day her adventure, and journey to find herself really began.

She had left the temple that morning, and by nightfall, she had made it out of Avarosan lands. And without starting a fight!

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